Infraspace is a unique cloud-based AI software,

built for infrastructure projects.

Built for smarter planning and optimization of

roads, railways,  power lines and pipelines.




  • Generative design algorithms
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Geospatial data
  • Cost and carbon estimates
  • Environmental impact
  • Fast cloud computing
  • Parametric modelling
  • Metric dashboards 
  • GIS/CAD/BIM/VR integrations


Understand you options faster with Infraspace.


Carbon footprint


Land use

Environmental impact


1. Generate Proposals with
Generative Algorithms

Based on your cost inputs, geometric constraints, and geospatial data, our generative software can provide you with several alternatives in just minutes.


Generate proposals for a road between two points, with specified maximum values for slope and curvature, while avoiding wetlands.

2. Evaluate and Compare Your Proposals

Upload your proposed alignments to our cloud-based platform and receive instant evaluations and visualizations with 3D models and KPI Dashboards.

Example: Upload these 10 proposals as LandXML alignments, and generate 3D models, estimate earthworks, and analyze land use.

3. Optimize Your Proposal within Constraints

Optimize your proposals within the constraints of your projects. Use your proposal as a basis and leverage our generative algorithms to quickly explore potential cost savings or reduced environmental impact.

Example: Adjust the geometry of your road to achieve better mass balance and lower construction costs, while only searching within 50 meters of the original proposal.

4. Get Instant Earthwork Estimates

Use Infraspace to instantly estimate volumes for cut, fill, and rock excavation. Whether it’s your own proposals or those generated by our AI software, you can obtain instant volume estimates.

Example: Determine the amount of rock excavation required for this project, and calculate the associated carbon footprint from the surplus masses.

5. Automated Land Use Analysis

Instantly estimate and visualize how your projects impact land use based on land cover data.

Example: Determine how many square meters of cropland are affected by this road proposal.

6.  Instant Environmental Impact Assessments

Use Infraspace to instantly analyze your proposals for environmental impact. Gain insights on visibility, valuable land take, barrier effects, level of reuse, and more.

Example: Determine which of your alternatives is the least visible in the landscape.

7. Quickly evaluate access roads

Quickly assess your options for access roads. Generate and visualize proposals to gain instant insights.

Example: Identify viable access roads to this new site. The road width is 5 meters, and the slope must be less than 10%.

Core features

Generative design

Web-based interface

Multi-objective optimization

✅Cloud-based computation

✅Automated site generation

✅GIS & 3D integrations

✅3D geospatial analytics

✅Multiple types of infrastructure

✅Automatic 3D visualization

✅Multi-user  functionality

✅Earthwork estimates

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