Infraspace is a unique cloud-based AI software,

built for infrastructure projects.

A generative tool for planning and optimizing

roads, railways,  power lines and pipelines.

Create proposals

Use Infraspace to search for the best paths between A and B, taking into account costs, length, carbon footprint and geometric constraints.

Optimize exististing proposals

Use Infraspace to find out if your current proposal can be more optimal. Perhaps better mass balance or lower area usage?

Evaluate your proposals

Use Infraspace to compare your own proposals based on geospatial data and analyses. Which of your alternatives have the lowest environmental impact, and yet good mass balance?

Make data driven decisions


Evaluate your proposals faster in Infraspace.


  • Mass balance
  • Construction costs
  • Construction time estimates

Land use

  • GIS import/export
  • Area usage calculations
  • Intersection analysis

Environmental impact

  • Audiovisual impact
  • Barrier effect
  • Valuable land use


  • Generative design algorithms
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Geospatial data


  • Cost and carbon estimates
  • Environmental impact
  • Fast cloud computing


  • Parametric modelling
  • GIS and 3D combined 
  • CAD/BIM/VR integrations

Integrated with your current digital workflows  


3D / BIM


Core features

Generative design

Web-based interface

Multi-objective optimization

✅Cloud-based computation

✅Automated site generation

✅GIS & 3D integrations

✅3D geospatial analytics

✅Multiple types of infrastructure

✅Automatic 3D visualization

✅Multi-user  functionality

✅Earthwork estimates

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