Generative design for infrastructure

Infraspace is a new cloud-based platform
for early-stage infrastructure planning and design.

Save time. Lower costs. Reduce environmental impact 

Better decisions 

We focus on the early stage planning and design in the projects. That's when changes have the biggest impact on costs, quality and sustainability. Infraspace is a new platform to empower teams to make better decisions based on data and analyses. 

✅Optimization algorithms

✅Cost and CO2 estimates

✅Environmental analyses

Instant insight

We believe that it is necessary to understand the alternatives to be able to make good decisions. That is why our solution have functionality to generate and view 3D models and data visualizations - directly in the browser. 

✅Instant 3D model generation

✅3D + map viewer

✅Data dashboards

We build digital tools for the construction industry,

to enable sustainable decision making!

Generative design for infrastructure projects

Why not check thousands of alternatives routes in only minutes? Infraspace is making advanced technology available to professionals - in an easy to use web application. No installation. No code.  

Data Driven

  • Multi-objective optimization
  • GIS support
  • Flexible and robust algorithms

Instant Vizualization

  • Automated 3D modelling
  • Automated cost estimates 
  • CAD/BIM/VR integrations

Accessible Information

  • Web access
  • Supporting collaboration
  • Cloud computing

Define. Generate. Explore. Analyze. Compare

Meet the team

MSc Civil & Environmental  Engineering

Andreas Juvkam Eraker


MSc Applied Physics

Jørgen Breiland Harsem
Head of Commercialization

MSc International Business

Mari Buseth Helland
GIS Analyst Intern

MSc Geograhpy

Join us on our journey!

We are growing, and always interested to meet other driven profesionals with tech skills or industry experience. If you are intrigued, please send us an email to   






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