JUNE 2024


We are excited to announce that Infraspace has been named the winner in the Product Track of the EUSPA - EU Agency for the Space Programme’s Cassini Challenges.

Competing against some of the brightest minds and impressive technologies, we are incredibly proud of this achievement!🎉

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to EUSPA for this incredible honor and a successful event. We are excited to continue driving innovation in the field of civil infrastructure.

Read more about Cassini Challenges here: 

MAY  2024


We are thrilled to welcome Silje Knutsvik Kalleberg to our team as a Product Specialist! 

Silje brings three years of experience as a structural engineer and BIM Coordinator, where she demonstrated her ability to integrate complex digital tools into practical engineering projects. Her hands-on experience in the industry prepares her well to contribute to the development of our product and to engage with our customers.

Prior to her industry experience, Silje earned a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from NTNU where she delved into algorithmic-aided design techniques in her thesis.

Please join us in welcoming Silje to Infraspace! We are eager to see how her expertise will enhance our product as we continue to innovate in civil infrastructure with AI, sustainability, and cloud computing.



CEMEX Ventures has recognized Infraspace as one of the top 50 most promising tech startups in the construction industry!

Our unique generative design AI for civil infrastructure projects has been shortlisted in the category 'Enhanced Productivity'.

We're honored to be in the company of all these other pioneers and innovators in the construction industry!

For more information and the full report, see here:


Awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year"!


Infraspace attended the DKT conference

DKT (Den Kloke Teknologi) gathered 370 people from the construction industry to learn about new tech in the construciton industry.

Infraspace attended the conference and demonstrated live to the audience how our generative design application can be used for design optimization in road and railway projects. 

Thanks for the engaging conversations!

For more information about the conference, see this link:



We are exited to announce that Terje Karlsen is joining our team as Head of Product! 

Terje brings over a decade of experience as a civil engineer in infrastructure projects, along with strong expertise in numerical computation and a deep understanding of digital workflows.

As a member of our product team, Terje will ensure that Infraspace meets the needs of our customers in the AEC industry.


Commercial pilot  with Statens Vegvesen

We happy to announce that we are starting a commercial pilot with the Norwegian Public Road Administration!



Attended Civ Con Summit 

Infraspace attended the Civ Con Summit 2023 in Bergen, where we got the chance to present our solution on stage and speak to all of you who visited our stand.

Thanks for all the positive feedback!

It's always interesting to speak with other professionals who believe that the construction industry can be improved by applying new tech in a smart way!

For more info about the event, see this link:

AUGUST  2023

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Starting commercial pilot  with Nye Veier

We happy to announce that we are starting a commercial pilot with Nye Veier!


Infraspace featured in Arkitekturnytt 

Sweco used Infraspace as a part of their environmental impact assessments for the project E18 Tvedestrand - Bamble, as mentioned in this article.


For the full article in "Arkitekturnytt", see here:

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Infraspace selected for Startuplabs Accelerator

We are happy to announce that Infraspace was one of the seven startups selected for Startuplab's Accelerator. 

We are proud that Startuplab selected Infraspace among hundreds of applications and are welcoming Startuplab as an investor in Infraspace.

For the full article in Shifter, see this link: 


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